Berlini Park

What we offer

What we offer

The forerunner of Berlin Park was constructed almost 50 years ago in order to provide a suitable place for scientific activity. Continuing this tradition, our aim is to offer a worthy home for scientists and researchers, capable of responding to the challenges of the modern world.
This goal is pursued in cooperation with our occupants, offering premises tailored to their specific needs, along with a continuously expanding range of services and a flexible approach.
Our activity is best justified by the fact that in recent years numerous global companies chose to move to our premises.

Services offered to current and future occupants:

  • Regularly maintained green areas and parks
  • 24 hour security services
  • Industrial park environment
  • Parking facility (300 above ground parking lots)
  • Representative well equipped conference room and auditorium
  • Canteen and snack bar

Historical significance

Historical significance

The Pharmaceutical Research Institute was established on 1 January 1950.  The designated aim of the Berlin Road complex completed in 1964 was to centralise the numerous branches of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute scattered across various locations. In addition to the chemistry, biology, pharmacology and toxicology laboratories the administrative centre had been completed to include a library and a canteen as well. The park built within the complex was designed for the comfort and wellbeing of the employees.

By the middle of the 1970s international standard research capacities had been established at the Institute equipped with all units required for pharmaceutical production.
During its 50 years of existence the Pharmaceutical Research Institute formerly occupying the area achieved professional success in a number of ways including:

  • 12 drugs containing original API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) developed and introduced onto the market
  • more than 50 out of the 70 generic pharmaceutical ingredients developed by the Institute approved for industrial purposes
  • more than 2,000 publications resulting from scientific achievements
  • over 4,000 patents registered as a result of research activities









A tudomány


Special laboratories
Special laboratories

The premises built at Berlin Park facilitate, among others, biological and chemical research, animal experimentation, fermentation and the production of medical preparations in a special environment including services such as:

  • Vacuum network
  • Nitrogen gas supply
  • State-of-the-art chemical chambers
  • Clean Space Technology
  • Cooling chambers
  • Central chemical storage and bottle racks
  • Animal unit
  • Fermentation facilities

The rentals and the supplied services are designed according to the needs of the individual occupants. In order to fully satisfy the strict standards applicable to the industry and to provide a safe and efficient work environment we find it important to maintain continuous cooperation with Clients in the course of developing and operating the leased premises.

Offices and storage facilities
Offices and storage facilities

A suitable environment is necessary not only for research but also for other activities pursued as part of business operations.

We are aware of how important it is for Clients to be able to receive their partners in a representative environment and to manage business affairs comfortably in close proximity to the research laboratories, with easy and quick access to the used ingredients and materials.

In addition to research laboratories, Berlin Park offers quality solutions for administrative and warehousing activities as well.
Different warehousing opportunities are available including indoor heated and outdoor unheated but covered facilities, in addition to separate storage facilities designated to highly flammable substances. Assistance is provided in selecting and developing the required office and warehouse facilities for optimal size and function, with services offered to fully satisfy the specific needs of Clients.

Technical parameters
Technical parameters

The majority of the buildings were constructed between 1962 and 1980 in a U shape, situated directly within or over the perimeters of the site.
The height of the buildings varies, ranging between ground level and 5 storeys. The average interior height of the premises is 2.8 metres. The more spacious areas have been used as a pharmaceutical research centre or plant for several decades. The complex has undergone continuous renovation since 2000, with certain buildings or parts of buildings partially demolished and reconstructed. The site is complete with a full range of utility services and two transformers supplied by alternate methods. Due to specific technological requirements the drinking water pipes have been connected with additional pressure booster.
Refuse water is treated by the site’s own facility prior to being drained into the public sewer. (The wastewater emission of the site is regularly monitored by the authorities.)
Heating power is generated by the Újpest Power Plant. The laboratory facilities are supplied with compressed air, vacuum, steam and gas networks, with approximately 50 chemical chambers fitted.

Spaces to Rent
49 m2 lab
49 m2
1045 Budapest, Berlini utca 47-49.